Jennifer Lawrence is My Type of Girl

File:Jennifer Lawrence 2, 2013.jpg

Jennifer Lawrence has been spotted smoking from a suspicious looking rolled up cigarette on a hotel balcony in Hawaii that some are claiming might be *gasp* marijuana. If it is, I say good for her, nothing like rewarding yourself for some hard work and a job well done. I gave myself the same reward for waking up and getting out of the bed this morning. Okay, I didn’t actually get out of bed.

Image: By Jenn Deering Davis  Uploaded by MyCanon (Jennifer Lawrence) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

J-Law Fell at the Academy Awards, But it’s Okay

The only thing that could have made me feel better after watching Anne Hathaway get her stupid Oscar that she’s been bitching about for months would have been if she tripped and fell off the stage, impaling herself on the coveted statue. Now that’s irony!

Instead Jennifer Lawrence tripped while accepting her award for Best Actress, but it was okay because if anyone could pull off falling at the Academy Awards it’s Jennifer Lawrence, she’s just that charming.