Site Discharge

File:Pelvic douche.svg

Those of you who follow this site have probably noticed that I haven’t posted anything in several months, if you’ve still been checking the site regularly hoping for an update, my apologies, you should’ve given up back in November like all my other ‘loyal’ readers. Loser. Anyway, I was experiencing some ‘health’ issues involving a pesky ‘growth’ around my vadge, turns out it was a ‘baby.’

So now I have two children under the age of two and can totally identify with Andrea Yates and why she did what she had to do. (Kidding! Don’t call the cops!)

With what little spare time I have, I’m hoping to expand the site to include more content than me just making fun of celebrities. Like cats! And maybe even videos of cats! So I’ll hopefully go from doing nothing for the past four months to going bigger and better than ever. That doesn’t sound overly ambitious and destined for failure.

I’m still trying to figure out WordPress and a way to make multiple pages on my site that aren’t static so I can add new posts to separate pages. Any advice from someone who knows how to do this or knows of a custom theme that would allow me to do this would be greatly appreciated. In return I can offer a couple ounces of frozen breastmilk and some literature on birth control. Let me know if you’re interested!