Daily Discharge


Candice Swanepoel is posting self-portraits on Twitter again. I could look like that, I just don’t want to. (above)

Here’s all those unflattering Beyonce photos everyone’s been talking about. Buzzfeed

Just Kim Kardashian doing what she always does. WWTDD

I know we’ve all wondered this a million times before, but what the fuck happened to Lindsay Lohan’s face? D Listed

Stand by your man, even when he punches you in the face! ICYDK

Nice try Jennifer Love Hewitt, but noone’s falling for it. The Superficial

Candice Swanepoel’s Ass is Hungry


I’m a woman, so I’m terrible with money and have no business sense; I once tried to invest all my money in kittens.  But I’m going to recommend to anyone reading this that they invest in Frankie’s Bikinis, because Candice Swanepoel just posted a picture of her ass gobbling up one of their bikini bottoms, and I think the way this works is that everyone’s going to go buy one now.  That or just stare at this picture until their lower jaw falls off.