Six Degrees of Kardashian

Bruce_JennerEveryone knows the Kardashian women are a bunch of hairy, selfish chaunches, but I always saw Bruce Jenner as a kind of sweet grandma who gets pushed around by her ungrateful family because she’s afraid they’ll put her in a home if she speaks up.

I guess I was wrong, because he’s a fame whore too, and he’s managed to make a personal connection to the Newtown shooting and make it about himself because *brace yourselves* Bruce went to Newtown high, 40 years ago; and he’s sad and angry and upset about what happened. ¬†And he wanted E! News and everyone else to know. ¬†Later on I’ll be writing an in-depth economic review of the European debt crisis because I went there once.

Image:By jla0379 [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons