Former Porn Star Kacey Jordan Files For Bankruptcy


Turns out taking a load to the face isn’t as lucrative as I thought it was because former porn star Kacey Jordan, one of Charlie Sheen’s infamous prostitutes, has filed for bankruptcy. Looks like I’m going to have to rethink my retirement plan. From TMZ:

A hooker just can’t get a break these days … Kacey Jordan, Charlie Sheen’s former porn star, warlock lover and all things sex-for-money, has gone belly up — filing for bankruptcy.

Kacey — one of Charlie’s favorite XXX girls who also partied with him the night of his infamous cocaine binge — claims she has a measly $290 in assets, but owes $6,000.Why so broke?

You’ll recall, Kacey has vowed to get out of the prostitution game — to find a real job — but according to docs, the recession hit this hooker hard, because she’s been unemployed since 2010.

Kacey’s income — a grand total of $300 a month — is courtesy of her boyfriend.

$290???!!! That’s all her assets? Does she live in an empty room with a bottle of peroxide, some bronzer and a tube of lip gloss? I guarantee you I have at least $290 worth of tampons and nail polish laying around my bathroom.

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