J-Lo’s Cameltoe Blitzkreigs the UK

Jennifer Lopez’ crotch invaded British airwaves on this week’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent somehow managing to outrage a country that grants unquestioned adulation toward an antiquated figurehead giving them a $50 million salary because hey, it’s tradition.

J-ello graced the stage to perform her new single Live It Up wearing a black vinyl unitard that exposed every contour of what can only be described as a 43-year-old ham sandwich, and the Brits were horrified, writing in multiple complaints and expressing their disgust via Twitter with comments such as:

“Could Jennifer Lopez’s outfit be any more inappropriate for a family show??? #bgt #jlo #thrusting?!”

“Think I have seen a little too much of Jennifer Lopez – meant to be a family show? #inappropriate #bgt.”

Keep in mind this is a country that graciously allows topless women on their basic cable and beaches, so I’m guessing it’s not the outfit itself, but the clammy, blown-out-by-twins-vagina underneath that’s got everyone so upset. Oh, and the fact that she’s Mexican, the British are totally racist.