Anne Hathaway’s Vagina May Hurt Her Career


I was always under the impression that the best way for a woman to get to the top in any industry was to flash some vadge.  But Anne Hathaway is some kind of Puritanical prude, because she’s afraid the pink taco exposé she did at the New York premiere of Le Mis has hurt her chances of bringing home a golden dildo shaped like a little man next year. If this turns out to be true I might have to rethink my entire career strategy. (Note to self: No vadge flashing until this is resolved.)

From Hollywoodlife:

“Anne is really hoping for an Oscar for Les Misérables, and she’s worried that this misstep will hurt her credibility as an actress.”

The source points out one reason Anne is so distraught over her commando catastrophe is because she is afraid it has cast a shadow over a project that is very special to her.

For starters, Anne is pretty lucky her vagina drew attention away from that outfit. As far as credibility goes, she just got all the credibility she needed; she proved she’s not a dude, which I was somewhat dubious about until now.

Image: Fashion photographer Anthony Citrano at derivative work: Bff (Anne_Hathaway_2008.jpg) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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