Edward Furlong Might Be On Drugs


I don’t care what anyone says about Edward Furlong, Arachnoquake was awesome.  He was a total hero in that movie, and he saved the lives of the girl’s softball team on that bus!  

And he’s really been working on his personal life. You know, self improvement.  See how much weight he’s gained? Especially in his face. Lookin’ good Eddie!

  But Furlong’s ex-wife doesn’t seem to care about that.  She filed court papers saying he’s a drug addict and shouldn’t be around their six-year-old son; she also claims the child tested positive for cocaine after spending time with the actor.

  What’s wrong with a little father-son bonding over a line of coke? At least the guy’s trying! It beats a two-by-four with a nail in it, which is how my dad bonded with me.


By Egon Eagle (Wikimedia Commons: File:Edward Furlong image.JPG) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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