Lady GaGa Offers Counseling to People Who Listen to Her Music


Lady GaGa announced that she will be offering free counseling sessions before her Born This Way Ball to any concert-goers who wish to receive treatment.  The counseling sessions will take place aboard the Born Brave bus; yeah, you read that right, a bus.

This really raises a lot of questions. Like, why do people attending your concert need to see a counselor? Do you really think anyone with actual psychological problems will be able to get meaningful help inside of a bus, immediately before they drop some X, get drunk on $12 beer, and dance themselves into a stupor while listening to your clichéd music? And finally, shouldn’t you be offering them counseling after the concert when they realize they spent $100 to watch a transvestite sing Madonna songs?

Image:By Artpop Gaga (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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