Victoria’s Secret’s Secret’s Out


I believe that headline is grammatically correct, Alex (smartass.)

The muckrakers at GreenPeace are at it again, this time stirring the pot in their new 56-page-report  that claims lingerie and clothing produced by Victoria’s Secret in Chinese sweatshops contain toxic chemicals.

Unless you’re some kind of mindless consumer that makes shopping decisions based on Giselle’s bouncing breasts (me, here!) you would know that Victoria’s Secret is nothing but overpriced crap, and what you’re really paying for is their enormous advertising budget which includes however much it costs to have Adrianna Lima trounce down the runway in a diamond bra, and Justin Bieber parade around singing in a castrato.

$30 for a pair of panties?  That’s the yearly salary of the 8-year-old factory worker who sewed them! And then you can’t find a bra there that doesn’t have at least two cups worth of padding in it.  Which seems like a great idea, until you have to take it off, suddenly a glass that was abundantly full becomes a swallow of backwash.

Image:By Randy Robertson from Newbury Park, California, USA (Think Green) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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