What About the Children?


Is that…Honey, grab the children and get in the car, and for God’s sake, avert your eyes!

LeAnn Rimes took a break from harassing people on Twitter and shitting on little girl’s dreams to attend her step son’s baseball game. And in true step mom fashion, LeAnn paraded herself around the ball field in pleather short shorts that said “I may not have borne children myself, but I’m certainly capable of embarrassing the shit out these kids as good as their real mom.”

The worst thing about the whole getup is those are soccer shorts. Christ LeAnn, if you’re going to dress like a cat-house whore on theme day at a children’s sporting event, at least get the fucking sport right. 

You can almost read this poor kid’s thoughts: “Look straight ahead, don’t turn your head, even if she talks to you. If you turn your head you might see something you don’t want to. Something that will turn you off to women forever, and we’re not ready for that…yet.”


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