Brandi Glanville Got a New Vagina


If my husband left me for an emaciated,red-necked troll it would probably bring up some feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. Which is probably why after Eddie Cibrian left Brandi Glanville for LeAnn Rimes, Brandi thought her vadge needed a makeover. And also because her old one must have had teeth or emitted some kind of man-repelling odor or something. From Page Six:

Glanville describes in her upcoming book “Drinking & Tweeting and other Brandi Blunders” that she took revenge on Cibrian over his affair with Rimes by undergoing vaginal rejuvenation surgery. “This pretty intense surgery had an even more intense price tag: $12,000,” Brandi reveals. “A brand-new vagina would be an Eddie-free vagina . . . I decided that since Eddie had ruined my vagina for me, he could pay for a new one. I gave [the doctor’s office] Eddie’s credit- card number.”

You don’t need to justify yourself to me, Brandi, I’ve had a baby. I have to pick my vadge up off the floor to put on pants

7 thoughts on “Brandi Glanville Got a New Vagina

  1. How come Leann Rimes is constantly puttnig her relationship with those kids on display? How is that she doesn’t go anywhere with those kids unless she can have one of her mouthpieces capturing it? That isn’t a family, it’s more like Eddie and Leann marriage is a huge pr stunt. Based on the photos of Leann and Eddie at the kid’s soccer game, Leann and Eddie weren’t at that game to support Eddie and Brandi’s son. While Brandi focused on her sons and the game, Eddie and Leann put on a huge display of excessive pda. Why? If Leann is confident that Eddie loves her and doesn’t have feelings for Brandi, why would she opt to spend the majority of the soccer game making out with Eddie on the sidelines as if this will once and for all make everyone believe that Eddie loves her(and she bought him a new car just to get him to play the loving husband and allowed her BFF to attend the game-the same BFF that goes everywhere with her and EC)?Is anyone else at all creeped out by the fact that the woman in the shopping trip photos with Leann and Eddie and the boys is someone who harasses Brandi Glanville on twitter? Leann set up and staged the family shopping trip in Malibu with the fan who harasses Brandi G. Leann tweeted exactly where and what time they would be shopping with those kids yesterday. EC and LR represent the failure of court systems. She purposely set up this photo-op, even openly tweeted about it, and the courts don’t find this disturbing?

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  3. It wouldnt srirupse me if this was a buncha bs spilled by LeeANN Slimes.This has indeed happened to me also at Wlamart though and it was a nightmare.Follow Brandi on Twitter she is one of the nicest most genuine celebs in Hollywood.Dont believe the hype

  4. If Eddie thinks that LR looks fit or hleathy than he needs glasses(which explains why he is always squinting, is too drunk to see LR for what she truly is, doesn’t really care about LR the way she wants us to believe, or he really isn’t spending as much time with LR as he and LR would have us believe.Once again EC blames the media. So just like he blamed the media for creating his affair with LR, he is blaming the media because they make LR look skinny by picking photos with bad angles? The 99% of the photos we see of LR are from her mouthpieces and very own twitter pageand blog, so if anyone is to blame for picking the photos with bad angles it’s LR and EC because the photos were okayed by them. So LR and EC are not happy because the public doesn’t respond to their staged photo-ops the way they hoped. LR must be telling EC what to say because isn’t the bad angle thing the very same thing LR wrote on twitter?Why exactly are we supposed to believe that EC loves the way LR looks? Didn’t he say it bothered him to see his kids faces and names in the press, and yet he allows LR to post blogs, tweets, and photos of those kids on her blog? EC would have had a better chance at convincing people had he told LR to lay off the blogs/tweets about the kids.So rather than talk about the show or even taken this time to focus on the other actresses of the show(since they are pushing this as show that empowers women), NBC/PBC opted to talk about LR weight issue. What does LR weight issue have to do with PBC? How exactly does discussing LR weight issue and their relationship empower women? Is it really a good idea to push the notion that PBC stands for women’s empowerment when one is using two homewreckers(one of which SWF BG every week) who exploit innocent children and disrespect the mother of EC kids every chance they get? Are the other actors of PBC going to give interviews about their spouses like we are seeing EC doing?

  5. WHERE ARE THE KIDS while Leann and Liz are performing this drkeun makeout session for Joe Francis(Girls Gone Wild founder), I mean Eddie? We know that they were in Mammoth with Leann and Joe Francis, I mean Eddie, because Leann tweeted photos of the boys and was talking about the boys nonstop. Remember how Leann is always saying that she and Joe Francis, I mean Eddie, put the boys first? So how come they weren’t putting the boys first when they performed this drkeun balcony orgy for Joe, I mean Eddie? Leann posted the twitpics of her and Eddie giving each other kisses on the cheek under false pretenses. She had her fans believing that Eddie was a good, loving, and affectionate husband, but what she failed to tell her fans was that Eddie only kissed her on the cheek because he was drunk and only after she made out with Liz on the balcony and allowed Eddie to take photos of it. It’s a shame just how low Leann will go to get Eddie’s love and affection . Eddie gave the interview to Extra only because Leann was taking him and Liz on yet another vacation. And now Leann only gets kissing twitpics from Eddie because she madeout with Liz? These drkeun orgy balcony photos just reveal the true nature of Leann’s and Eddie’s marriage/relationship. It’s not enough that Eddie has to sleep with other women while married to Leann, now he wants Leann to have a very public sexual relationship with those very same women too. I don’t know which is more disturbing, the fact that Leann and Liz are making out or the fact that Eddie is turned on by the fact that Leann and Liz are making out. Look at how he is all up in it and egging it on, while his friend just stands there trying to ignore it.How interesting that the closer it gets to Leann and Eddie’s 1 year anniversary, that Leann pulls more and more desperate acts to prevent Eddie from walking out on her.

  6. You would think that after these druken orgy pthoos of Leann and Liz being photographed by Joe Francis Jr(aka Eddie Cibrian) hit the internet that Leann would lay low. But Leann is never one to learn from her bad decisions, and so instead of laying low she is now bombarding the internet with pthoos of her going to lunch. And to make matters worse, she attached Joe Francis’s Jr interview with Extra about her being a judge on XFactor to the staged lunch photo-op. That was a great idea right? People see Joe Francis Jr taking pthoos of his wife making out with his mistress and egging his wife on as she makes out with his mistress, and they are supposed to take him seriously? So now when people think of XFactor, they will now think of Leann and Liz making out on a balcony while Joe Jr takes pleasure in it.

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