Justin Bieber Claims First Victim of 2013


A paparazzo trying to snap of pic of what he believed was Justin Bieber’s Ferrari was struck by a car last night and killed while crossing Sepulveda Blvd. And the real tragedy is that Justin wasn’t in the car, so he didn’t even get the photo!

According to TMZ, Justin’s white Ferrari was speeding on the 405 when CHP pulled the vehicle over and directed the car onto Sepulveda, the photographer crossed the road to take pictures and when CHP ordered him to return to his vehicle he was struck and killed while recrossing the street.

TMZ is now reporting that rapper Lil’ Twist (I know,) a protege of Lil’ Wayne (now it makes sense,) was driving the Ferrari when it was pulled over.  Apparently Lil’ Twist and Bieber have been hanging out and partying hard the past few weeks.  Because over-privileged panty-wastes with pompadours usually like to hang out together, it’s self-affirming.

Image: Instagram – @LilTwist

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