Sofia Vergara Fights with her Douchebag Fiance


Sofia Vergara is at the top of her game right now and could have anyone she wants because boobs.  Yet, for some reason, she’s engaged to Nick Loeb; who has the prestigious distinction of being the founder of Onion Crunch, the crispy, fried onion topping made from 100% real onions!

He’s also a hot-tempered jerk, which he proved on New Year’s eve when he got into a fight with a guy after he spilled a drink on Sofia’s dress. From the New York Daily News:

“Nick got upset at the guy and was trying to get him to say sorry to Sofia — and she was screaming at him to stop causing a scene because they were in public.”

After that incident blew over Loeb got into a fight with Sofia because she took a picture with the offending drink-spiller. When that fight started to escalate, Loeb was escorted out of the club by security while Sofia screamed obscenities at him. Somewhere during the scuffle Sofia hit the ground and one of her enormous boobs popped out of her dress.

I love the idea of Sofia screaming “Fuck you, chimbo!” Telenova style with mascara streaming down her face while Auld Lang Syne plays in the background. And while her fiance is obviously a douche who instigated the whole thing, Sofia is Colombian, and if drug-trafficking movies like Scarface have taught me anything, it’s that Colombians are fucking crazy. So I’m sure these incidents happen all the time around Sofia. If you want to date her you probably have to agree to  get into a fight every 72 hours, minimum.  Keeps things fresh.

Image:Tom Sorensen [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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