Jenelle Evans is Back on the Market Single Guys


Above: Jenelle Evans and her soon-to-be-ex-husband of three weeks, Courtland Rogers, present a compelling case for proponents of forced sterilization.

I don’t really keep up with Teen Mom on MTV because 1.)MTV sucks and I feel old and out of touch when I watch it and  2.) The name of the show says it all. So I was dumbfounded when I heard today that heroin junkie, Jenelle Evans, and that guy with the neck tattoos that she married three weeks ago after  a two week engagement were already calling it quits.

What went wrong you two?  Why couldn’t you make this work?  You had so much in common,  felony charges, unstable personalities, substance abuse, and the combined mental acuity of a pack of Marlboro Lights.  I can’t think of a better argument for the eugenics movement.

And of course, the relationship’s meltdown all went down in 144-character accusations via Twitter when Jenelle tweeted…aww fuck, I can’t do this. You can check her Twitter if you want  to sort through the jumbled rants and misused homophones of a drug-addled twat, but I’m drawing a line. (@PBandJennelley_1)

Image: Twitter – @PBandJennelley_1

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