This is a Real and Honest Depiction of Britney Spears

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Britney Spears posted this picture  to her Twitter account because everyone knows social media sites are places you go to show true-to-life, candid images of yourself that, while not necessarily portraying you in the most flattering light, give those closest to you a glimpse at your real self; not some public relations platform where a mentally handicapped, thirty-two-year-old mother who subsists on Starbucks and Doritos can be paraded around in fortuitous lighting for the financial benefit of a record label.

That’s what the internet’s for, complete transparency, amIright?

What this photo couldn’t capture was Britney passing out immediately afterward because it’s practically fucking impossible to squeeze your butt cheeks together, suck in your gut and smile at the same time.

Image: Twitter: @britneyspears

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