Miley Cyrus is a Drug Using, Scantily Clad Adult Now You Guys

Miley Cyrus has released her latest single, We Can’t Stop, and she’s totally edgy and hardcore now you guys. Like, did you see this album cover? She’s like practically not wearing any clothes! Have you ever seen anything like that? Like, OMG! Oh, and Miley’s into drugs now too, because she’s super cool like that. Via Huffington Post:

On the new song from her upcoming album, Cyrus sings about “dancing with molly,” which is a slang term for MDMA, and makes an obvious reference to cocaine use when she sings, “Everyone in line in the bathroom/trying to get a line in the bathroom. “

But don’t worry all you slightly concerned and uninvolved parents who might think that Miley’s influence on your children might lead them into a life of drug use and sex, this is all just a big misunderstanding. From TMZ:

A rep for the song’s producer Mike WiLL Made It tells TMZ … the whole thing is a giant misunderstanding because what Cyrus is REALLY singing is … “Dancing with MILEY.”

Oh yeah that makes sense, dancing with Miley is wayyyyy cooler and makes so much more sense than an spoiled, desperate-to-separate-from-her-Disney-past, rich kid flaunting her drug use. “Why can’t ya’ll just dag-nab take me seriously, folks?” said Miley as she took off her top and lit up a joint. “I’m old enough to make babies.”

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