Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Finally Found Someone to Ruin Their Life and Have a Baby With Her

File:Jennifer Love Hewitt 2, 2011.jpg

34-year-old Jennifer Love Hewitt has spent the better part of her adult life desperately trying to convince a man to marry her. But men can smell a woman with a wedding gown and baby names already picked out a mile away, so she did the next best thing and quit taking her birth control and got pregnant by her current boyfriend/co-star on The Client List, Brian Hallisay. Surprise! Guys totally love it when you trick them into making a life-altering, life-long commitment. They like it just as much as spontaneous blow-jobs and threesomes with you and the stripper you met at the club. I’m sure if he hasn’t already, this guys’ next move is to head down to the jewelry store and pick out the ring Jennifer’s had on hold since she was 19.

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