The Bar Just Got Lower


Snooki’s baby, Lorenzo, is 7-months-old now, and since she’s managed not to drop him on his head (that we know of) or accidentally fill his bottle with gin (again, that we know of,) she feels she’s qualified to ‘write’ a book about parenting.

Currently, the books working title is “How to Go From Being a Sloppy, Drunken Whore to Being a Sloppy Drunken Whore With a Baby: The Immaculate Conception of Baby Lorenzo”

I hope in the acknowledgements page Snooki doesn’t forget to thank the good people at MTV and their incredible knack for taking retarded, backwoods hobbits and catapulting them to the world stage where their inane, colloquial gibberish can be translated into an actual piece of literature that miraculously, people will actually buy.

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