Courtney Stodden lives in an Alternate Reality

God bless America! The only country in the world where a teenager with an eating disorder and a plastic surgery addiction/denial can be exploited by her parents and husband and be transformed into the alpaca-hair wearing, butt-hole-lipped star that is Courtney Stodden. With ‘star’ being used in the loosest possible sense of the word.

In the same vein of all fake-celebrities,Courtney has released the music video to her new single ‘Reality.’ I believe all reality stars are contractually obligated by E! and Satan to drop an album/music video at some point during their 15 minutes. And Courtney is not one to disappoint her Dark Overlord i.e. Doug.

Above is a preview of the video, which is really Courtney sitting on a table poorly lip-syncing to an auto-tuned track of what we’re supposed to believe is her voice, while practicing her chest thrusts. And here’s the link to the full video on E! I will warn you in advance that the cinematography is so visually stunning you  might weep tears of ecstasy. Oh and be sure to note that Courtney’s tits are so enormous now, she actually has cleavage underneath them too. The bar has been raised.

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