Dave Grohl is Taking Flack for Britney Spear’s Observation

Earlier this week, Foo Fighter frontman, Dave Grohl, made an astute, and might I add accurate, statement about Britney Spears while filling in for Chelsea Handler on her talk show, “Chelsea Lately.”

“She kinda seems dead inside,” Grohl said while talking about the pop star with the show’s panel of comedians. “There’s nothing behind her eyes, there’s nothing in her boobs anymore.”

Even though Grohl’s statement is painfully true, it didn’t stop some die-hard Britney fans from admonishing him on Twitter. Because I’m sure he reads those.

Here’s a few of them:

– Dear Dave Grohl, how about you leave the Britney jokes in 2007 where they were actually relevant
#cheapshot #ass****

-Dave Grohl can f**k right off. Nobody cares about what you think about Britney you sore loser.
– Dave Grohl, you’re nothing but a piece of s**t, How dare you to talk about Britney Spears like that?!?!?!?

God, I hate to see what they would do if he said something that was actually mean-spirited. Have these people seen Britney lately? She walks around gas stations and drug stores in her pajamas, clinging on to puppies and children trying to fill the emptiness in her life with  Fritos and Mountain Dew.

“Dead inside,” is probably the most succinct way of describing that.


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