Tiger Woods Wants Elin Nordegren Back

Archival Modeling Images Of Elin Nordegren!

If you’ve ever felt sorry for Elin Nordegrin, don’t. Everybody gets cheated on, not everybody get’s a $100 million to help heal their broken heart.Most of us get a restraining order and a bill from the courts for $1,000 in damages thank you very much Judge Gwen Trouberg.

Not only is Elin the ultimate in gold-digger divorcés,she’s a six-foot-tall,sun-bronzed,Swedish Ice Queen whose poontang is presumably made out of gold because Tiger Woods is willing to pay $200 million to go back to having marital missionary with her over depraved, Asian porn stars with scat fetishes. From Fox News:

The shamed sportsman, who was exposed for his serial cheating behind Elin’s back in 2009, is desperate to win her back, the magazine claims, offered a $200 million prenup to the stunning Swede.

And she is said to be considering the proposal, but only if he includes a $350 million anti-cheating clause.

I wrote the first part of this post before realizing that the actual source for this story is The Sun, the UK version of the National Enquirer. Which means this is true in the sense that Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegrin are people and that Tiger was shamed at some point in his life and Elin is Swedish. They got that right!

Who would believe that a person would pay $200 million to have sex with someone they’ve already had sex with before. Especially their spouse.

*I realized after posting that you can see Elin’s nipple in the picture, so I made it safe for work, and I apologize if you had an awkward moment with the boss.


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