The AMA’s Celebrating Underachievement Since 1973


Inside the 9th Circle

 The American Music Awards were Sunday night, and I thought I would take a hit for my readers and watch so I could report back.  Then I realized this shit was on ABC and fucking awful, so I didn’t really pay attention. ABC is the Family Channel, and if there’s one thing The Vadge hates it’s families.
Anyway here’s the breakdown that I gathered from flipping back during commercials of Sister Wives:  Justin Bieber looked like a little bitch that couldn’t get a date so he brought his mom. Take that Selena!
Christina Aguilera was huge! As in holy shit, she’s gained a lot of weight. She looked like Cindi Lauper’s bloated corpse.
Nicki Minaj was surprisingly less incoherent than I expected her to be.
Pink pretended to get the crap beat out of her, and Ke$ha sang her ‘hit’ Die Young. If only, you two, if only.
Other than that it looked like there was a lot of polite clapping and some awards were presented, it was hard to tell because I had it on mute most of the time.

Image:PR Photos

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