Lindsay Might* go to Jail

*By ‘might’ I mean ‘doubtfully’


TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan will be charged with lying to police stemming from her car accident back in June in which she told police she wasn’t driving.  Lindsay’s no-good, back-stabbing assistant at the time ratted her out to police and confirmed it was Lindsay who smashed the rental Porshe into the back of a semi. Doesn’t he know his place as obsequious sycophant?

Now you might expect The Vadge to take the easy route here and call Lindsay all the names she deserves to be called, ie. crackhead etc.  but it’s not really fun to hate on somebody who’s already belly-up in a gutter.  Trash-talking Lindsay now is like barfing in a toilet that somebody already took a dump in.

Image: PD

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