Jennifer Lopez Wants Your Job, Not Really


Vete a la Chingada!

 In all her interviews Jennifer Lopez makes it a point to talk about how nice she is to everyone, and what a warm, matronly person she is. That’s why she makes everyone she works around and has sex with sign a confidentiality agreement; so they don’t expose her for the self-absorbed she-bitch that she truly is.

Case in point, Radar Online is reporting that J-ello recently had a maid at a German hotel fired for daring to ask the superstar for her autograph.

Be kind to your fans Jenny, if it weren’t for them and a few fortuitous blowjobs to some execs at FOX the only thing people would be asking you for is some hot sauce to go with their burrito.

Image: By Ana Carolina Kley Vita from São Paulo, Brasil  Uploaded by MyCanon (Jennifer Lopez) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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