Cory Monteith Ruined the Emmys

File:Cory Monteith (6592146693).jpg

The Emmys were Sunday night, and since nobody gives a fuck about them and no one bothered to flash their vadge or anything to make this shit interesting, the big story was that the producers of the Emmys overlooked honoring three-time Emmy winner Jack Klugman in place of no-time Emmy winner and deceased heroin addict Cory Monteith (take note, kids!) Now a few people, as in one person, Jack Klugman’s son, is upset that his father was overlooked in favor of some guy who’s now just as famous for dying of an overdose as he is for the three seasons he spent on a show where thirty-year-olds  sing cover songs while pretending to be high school students, pathetic I know, and by that I mean the whole concept of Glee.

I’ll be honest, before Cory died I had no idea who he was, and I still have no idea who Jack Klugman is, despite the fact that I’m sitting in front of a computer at this very moment and it would take me less than 2 seconds to Google him, I just don’t feel like it. However, I do know this: Jack Klugman is old and hasn’t been on television in a million years and Cory was still pretty hot when he died even if he was a junkie. What I am saying is, it doesn’t matter what you accomplish in your life, what matters is looking your best and dying at a tragically young age.

Image:Wikipedia Commons

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