Jaden Smith is an Untapped Reservoir of Wisdom

jaden smith

If there’s two points I continuously bring up on this site it’s that Twitter is the playground for the barely literate, and that celebrity children are contributing to the demise of the human race. Case in point: Jaden Smith’s Twitter account, where he tweeted the above gems that could only come from the mind of an entitled, 15-year-old twat, who thinks that four and a half million people give a fuck about what he thinks. And he’s right, that many people actually follow him on Twitter, which really drives homes my first point. Dope is dope, but school is for fools!

Part of me wants to say that he’s being ironic because a person who’s never attended a real day of school, but will nonetheless have a wildly successful life due to the virtue of having wealthy, well-connected parents that hook him up with record deals and a seven-figure acting gigs, couldn’t possibly be telling his proletariat followers that bettering yourself through education is stupid. But then I remembered that not only is Jaden Smith friends with Justin Bieber, he’s also dating one of the Jenner girls, the ugly one, and doesn’t see anything wrong with that. This kid wouldn’t get irony if it appeared as a scab on his genitals.


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