Geraldo Thinks he Still Has It, Doesn’t Know What ‘It’ is

Much to the chagrin of the entire internet, Geralda Rivera posted the above picture of himself in a low-slung towel to Twitter over the weekend because he thinks he quote “looks pretty good for a 70-year-old.” Try to avert your eyes and check out what’s going on in the background of the picture. Is Geraldo a hoarder? Is that glass thing in the foreground a penis pump?

Geraldo quickly deleted the picture from his Twitter unaware that the function ‘right click-copy’ exists and that the picture was already posted on thirty other websites 30 seconds after he hit ‘tweet.’

And since we’re posting pics of things that we think look halfway decent considering the wear and tear of life they’ve endured, stay posted for a picture of my used tampons. Damn things hold up pretty good.

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