Psy Doppelganger Makes Everyone at Cannes Look Stupid and Racist

File:Psy (8540621691).jpg

I’ve written before how Psy is really just a ploy sent by the Korean government to get American to let down its guard doing homoerotic dance moves so they can plan another Pearl Harbor style attack. And if I needed any more proof of that, Page Six is reporting that a fake Psy has showed up at Cannes, fooling our most intelligent and looked up to citizens: Celebrities.

An impostor posing as “Gangnam Style” sensation Psy became the toast of Cannes as he partied with stars, scooped up swag, danced on a French TV show and even signed a deal to be honored at a gala in Monaco, before being called out yesterday by the real rapper.

For two days the dead-ringer was showered with champagne and posed for pics with celebrities, including Adrien Brody and Bond girl Naomie Harris, who enthusiastically tweeted a shot with the Psy look-alike at a Chopard party.

There’s a comment here about white people being unable to discern one person of Asian descent from another that I’m going to refrain from making.

Image:By Eva Rinaldi from Sydney, Australia  [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (

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