A&E Cancels Intervention, My Justification For Getting High

File:Intervention tvshow screencap.jpg

There’s nothing I love more than cutting a few lines, rolling a fatty, cracking open my 40oz. and sitting in righteous condemnation of those whose problems are slightly worse than my own. It’s kind of what I imagine being a Christian feels like. So with that, I can’t begin to express how deeply disappointed I am that A&E has cancelled Intervention after 13 seasons. Did they finally run out of people high enough to actually believe they were taking part in a documentary about addiction but didn’t know they would soon face an intervention?

I was a little worried about finding another show portraying desperate, delusional people hitting rock bottom to justify my own troubles, but then I found out this bitch finally sucked the right dick and got herself a reality show, so I guess I have that to look forward to.

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