That Didn’t Take Long

Courteny Stodden, Girls and Corpses

A few months ago, Courtney Stodden’s mom went on TV to say her daughter would never do porn, which I’m pretty sure is what every young girl’s mom hopes at one point, except for Kris Jenner, “My baby girl was born to take a load in the face!” she said, rubbing her hands together greedily.

What Courtney’s mom meant, was that her daughter would only do porn if it was tasteful. After turning down “Barely Legal Gangbangs” and “Teen Sluts Bang Old Dudes,” Courtney has finally found a publication in which to expose herself. A magazine classy enough to know her Miss Piggy wig and enormous fake tits can only be expressed as a work of art. A magazine  that understands Courtney has chosen them for her nude debut because Playboy, Hustler and Penthouse turned her down.

I present to you Courtney Stodden on the cover of Girls and Corpses magazine, try figuring out which one is supposed to be the corpse! I know you’re  all are going to click the shit out of these images trying to get rid of the black box, but Girls and Corpses is keeping a tight lid on the NSFW images, so good luck.

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