Carrie Fisher Prefers Being Crazy Over Drunk


Carrie Fisher has checked herself into a medical facility to seek treatment for bi-polar disorder following a bizarre performance on board a cruise ship in the Caribbean last week.To be fair, after playing Princess Leia in the most awesome movies in the history of awesomeness, your life can only go downhill, unless you’re Harrison Ford.

So behold, Carrie’s performance on board the Holland America Eurodam, barefoot and picking up dog crap, while singing on a stage that has what appears to be Dom Deluise sitting on a couch that once belonged to the Chi Sigma Pi house at San Diego State.

Carrie’s rep insist the actress wasn’t drunk, and that the cause of the disturbing behavior is mental illness, which is stupid because last I checked it’s much more socially acceptable to make a fool of yourself because you’re drunk then it is to be totally bat-shit crazy.

Britney Spears would give anything to go back and say the reason she shaved her head and went Penguin-Style on that car was because she had a few too many shots of Pappa Spears’ homemade moonshine. Everybody forgives and forgets when you do something stupid or disgusting while you’re drunk because they’ve probably done something worse. Like taking a dump next to the speaker at the McDonald’s drive-thru because they wouldn’t let you in to use the bathroom and then using leaves to wipe because you didn’t have any toilet paper. Those underwear had to be thrown away.

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