Kendra and Kate Face Off for Worst Parent Award…or Something

File:Kendra Wilkinson 2011.jpgIf you’ve ever wanted to see what happens when you trade one annoying bottle-blond wife, for an even more annoying-but- just- in- a- different- way, bottle blond wife you can watch the first episode of ABC’s new reality show, Celebrity Wife Swap, where Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson will trade lives.

Kate will live with Kendra’s husband Hank Bassett, and their 3-year-old son Hank, where her ‘balls-in-a-vice’ style of running a household will make Hank long for the days when Kendra would accidentally leave the car running in the garage with the door closed.

Kendra will take on the role of single mom to Kate’s eight hellions age 8-12, where she’ll do her best to prove the old wife’s tale that a child really can drown in a tablespoon of water, and teach the children the ins-and-outs of giving head to an octogenarian. Let the hilarity ensue!

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