Dear Anne Hathaway, Please Stop Talking Now

File:Anne Hathaway 2013.jpg

Anne Hathaway is continuing her Reign of Terror on the talk show circuit, hitting up Jay Leno and attempting to present herself as down-to-Earth and charming while talking about winning a BAFTA (the British version of the Oscars,) but coming off as a pretentious cunt instead.

She starts by telling Jay about her dilemma getting the prestigious award home, because she was worried it might disappear from her luggage, before she realized that no lowly TSA agent could ever win a BAFTA, so it would be easy to find.

Anne then does her best to identify with the lower classes, talking about how she got the flu (a commoners ailment BTW), and how she was booed and hissed by her fans. The best part is when Anne tells Jay she got booed and the audience doesn’t respond and she goes “but, no it’s okay. I got to meet George Clooney.” As though she thought everyone felt sorry for her. This bitch garners about as much sympathy as Marie Antoinette.

She then goes on to talk about how horrible it was having the zipper on her designer gown break, but it all worked out because she had another designer gown on hand and she looked just as amazing in that one too! Oh Anne, you live a serendipitous life, don’t you?

“I look like a turkey that has been sewn together. Just not good,” she tells Jay. “How irritating am I? Most women don’t even have one great dress, I have two.”

The answer, Anne, is very. Very, very irritating. More irritating than an ingrown hair on top of a yeast infection covered with a thong made out of a brillo pad.

I can’t embed the video, so here’s the link here.

Image:By Jenn Deering Davis  Uploaded by MyCanon (Anne Hathaway) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

1 thought on “Dear Anne Hathaway, Please Stop Talking Now

  1. I really don’t like bashing someone online but enough of Anne Hathaway already…an oscar come on people… she can’t act and her singing voice is like fingernails on a chalk board even after editing. I couldn’t even stand to watch all of the dark knight she was so awful as catwoman. Who the hell is she related to or sleeping with that her work gets nothing but rave reviews.

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