Dakota Fanning Will Prove She’s an Adult By Taking Her Clothes Off.


Dakota Fanning turned 18 last year, and she did what every American girl coming-of-age  does these days, anal, I mean a nude scene, she’s doing a nude scene in her new movie Very Good Girls. Not everybody had the same experiences as me growing up apparently.

Just because Dakota’s reached that dubious milestone known in the porn industry as ‘barely legal,’  it doesn’t mean she’s going to stop dressing up in Disney sweaters and looking like the poster child for To Catch a Predator. And despite being a generally well-regarded actress, Dakota knows she won’t be taken seriously until everyone has seen her tits.

In fact, that’s the Girl’s Gone Wild motto: No one, especially your parents, will ever take you seriously until you show us your tits while doing a beer bong and making out with your best friend. That’s how Hillary Clinton got her start.

2 thoughts on “Dakota Fanning Will Prove She’s an Adult By Taking Her Clothes Off.

  1. Dakota had to work to get into the business but for Elle it was esaeir because her sister already gave her a name. But I think Elle is the better actress, personally. I have actually tacked to her before! Well I think it was her. It was about poseurs pretending to be Elle on this app called instagram. But they called the company and shut the person down and made their own accounts:) she’s really nice!

  2. Well I’ve only seen Dakota Fanning play a ‘darker’ role in one other movie (Hide and Seek) and everything else I’ve seen has been a ltlite on the ‘sweet and innocent’ side of things. The character of Jane in the Twilight saga is anything but sweet or innocent and Jane is an evil and twisted individual. It will be an interesting part for her to play. Will be great to see her in something as dark as this (assuming the script supports it).

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