If You’re Upset Rihanna Isn’t a Good Role Model, Please Don’t Have Children


It always surprises me when people get pissed off at a celebrity for doing something  they find morally unacceptable.  It’s like they’re too busy with their own lives to teach their ugly children right from wrong so they expect T.V. and the internet to do it for them.

Case in point, some of Rihanna’s Twitter followers got  upset at her posting pictures of herself smoking a joint (above,) and of a bud of herbacious (below)  with the caption: “This nug look like a skull or am I just….?”

BTW, that’s some real stoner shit right there.

Anyways, some people thought posting pictures of drugs, might give young people the wrong idea. Like this fan, who wrote: “So sad a lot of young kids really look up to you :( “

That sad face really hit home. Or this person who wrote: “Wow wat a good influence you are on young girls….not!”

Harsh, I know. Think of all those young girls hoping to one day have a crack pipe punched out of their mouths by their abusive boyfriend. They’ll be so disappointed.

Look, celebrities aren’t famous because they’re particularly smart, or make good choices; they’re famous because they’re marginally talented, better looking than you or I, and usually have a family member who can open some doors for them.  They’re here to entertain us, be ridiculed and have their private lives become fodder for tabloid magazines, late night T.V. and poorly written blogs like The Vadge. If you didn’t figure out Rihanna was a bad role model after she unapologetically hooked up with Chris Brown again, you’re as stoned out of your mind as she is.


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