Fuck Court! Lindsay’s Going to London With The Wanted.


When I first heard Lindsay Lohan was riding around on the tour bus of The Wanted I assumed they were keeping her around for her business acumen and meaningful insights into the trappings of fame and fortune that could help the newly-famous young men walk a straight line.  Then I remembered it was Lindsay Lohan and she probably has a connect for really good blow.

And now the boys of The Wanted are taking their drug mule international.  Lindsay is skipping her court date in Los Angeles this Wednesday and flying off to London and Dubai with the 5-member band because I’m pretty sure she can score drugs in those cities too.

But don’t worry, Lindsay isn’t required to appear in court and will be represented by her attorney, Shawn Holley.  Well that’s good, she needs a break from her crushing personal problems, and nothing says ‘vacation’ like speedballs and a five-on-one gang bang.

Image:© Glenn Francis, http://www.PacificProDigital.com

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