BuckWild Star Shae Bradley Made a Wise and Respectful Legal Move. Wait, What?


Either that, or these people are even stupider than I thought.  The sex tape featuring Shae Bradley and Jesse J from MTV’S cancelled show Buckwild was ordered destroyed by a judge after Shae went to court last week and filed an injunction to stop the release of the tape. Bradley’s ex-boyfriend, Jesse J admitted to the judge he was using the illicit tape in an attempt to “ruin her (Bradley’s) life.”

Uhhh, this girl knows the show was cancelled, right? A sex tape could have bought her at least another 32 seconds of fame. Is this an attempt to build hype? Instead of being destroyed is this sex tape going to be frozen in a mason jar of moon shine and hidden inside the Ark of the Convenant only to be released when the world needs it most?

In related news, Farrah Abraham took her 3-year-old daughter and her dad to the offices of Vivid Entertainment to negotiate the release of her porno. Because that’s what families do!  Parents should support their children’s poor choices by helping them negotiate the most money for their mistakes, while also showing the youngest generation that with a little bit of know-how and business sense, she too can get reamed on camera by a well-hung porn star for money.

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