John Travolta Loses Bid to Keep Assault Lawsuit Confidential


John Travolta lost his bid to keep an sexual assault case against him out of court and in arbitration with the cruise line where the alleged assault took place.

In 2009, Fabian Zanzia, a Royal Caribbean Cruise employee, claims Travolta requested Zanzi deliver food to his stateroom where Travolta requested a neck massage then dropped his robe, exposing his boner and attempted to embrace Zanzi.

Travolta allegedly then told Zanzi he was “beautiful” and said, “Take me, I will take care of you, please.”
Zanzi says he resisted, and then Travolta offered him $12k to keep quiet.

I’m guessing Zanzi then ran from the room screaming and spent the next 24 hours hunched in the shower trying to scrub off the shame. While John stood there asking “Can’t a guy tried to rub his junk against another guy, without it being gay? Cuz it’s not. It’s not gay.” Before adding, “You just walked out on the best thing that ever happened to you, baby.”

Travolta’s lawyer argued Friday that the ticket for the 2009 Royal Caribbean cruise liner included an agreement to settle all disputes between a passenger and the company through arbitration, but the judge disagreed, and cleared the case for trial.

I really doubt John or Scientology would ever let this shit air out in court. They’re going to settle this faster than it took John to impregnate Kelly Preston.

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